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Monday, June 22, 2009

OMG What is that!


Sorry I have not updated in a while. Working takes up a lot of my time :) but I love it!!!

So the other day I was holding my 7 month old in the rocking chair while we were all watching tv. My sister goes.. "her diaper is falling off". Well it was, one side had come undone.. little did I know that she was poopy!! AAAAAAAhhhhhh! It got on my shirt and pants! It was quite a mess...

Yesterday we had a Pirate themed Father's Day. We all dressed up and had a great time! My 7 month old was such a good sport. We put a mustache on her, a bandana, pirate hat, eye patch.. she didn't really mind any of it(except when I took the mustache off because it was sticky).

Today my 7 year old starts her week of Zoo camp. She is excited but being a whiney baby right now. I think she is still tired... hopefully she will be better when she gets to camp.

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