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I am a single mother of two wonderful girls! Life is such a roller coaster so I figured I would blog about things that happen day to day. I hope you will come on the journey with me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sorry took so long


Sorry I sort of disappeared for a bit.. things have been busy. So let's see.. what is new..

The dog and cat finally get along :)

I got my first tattoo.. The bigger butterfly symbolizes me and the three smaller ones symbolize my three girls.

My 8 month old went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time..

Today was a sad day.. Around 10am I get a text from my sister saying my dog hurt himself and needs surgery. I am about to go into a 2 hour meeting so I quickly call to see what is going on. She tells me that he cut his foot really badly and she already has dropped him off at the vet. I go to my meeting and when we break for a bit I call and see how things are going. He cut his foot down to the tendon and is in surgery. So I go back to my meeting and when I am finished with that I call my mom. He is doing fine, out of surgery and can be picked up later. She thinks he got it caught on the fence while barking at the neighbor dog like he always does. Well when I get home I see there is this metal stuff under the rock river by the fence which he may have sliced it on. Either way I am just glad he is ok! My sister said there was a lot of blood when he came in and didn't know what to do. Thank goodness she acted quickly! He is home and doing ok. Droopy and not himself but ok. Has to wear the "collar of shame" so that he will not lick or try and get the bandage off. Have to take him back in a week to get the bandage off and see if the stitches can come out yet. He can't run around for a week.. I think he might go crazy :) My poor baby!!!!

Work is keeping me busy. Loving volleyball every tuesday night. My family is back from vacation :) I think that is about it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer :)

Hello all,

So today my daughter decided to put on some glasses at the store.. she decided that she wanted to get them.. Doesn't she just look so cute :)

The cross-eyed cat Odo has decided he likes to sit in the sink. So funny!

The other day my big dog (who thinks he is little) wanted to play tug a war with my sisters smaller dog. Well usually the smaller one doesn't want to play, I think he is a bit intimidated.. well this time they decided to give it a try.. it was so adorable! See for yourself :)
My two girls are doing great! They are both enjoying daycare while I work. We went bowling this past weekend.. had a great time! My 8 month old slept the entire time which let me spend more time with my 7 year old. So that was nice :)
Well that is about all that is new with me.. I will keep you posted!! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello Again!

Hi everyone. Sorry I have not updated in a while. Been a little busy. Loving work still... :) Loving volleyball!!!! SOOOOOOO much fun!

So my little 7 month old gets bigger everyday. She likes going to daycare and playing with the other babies. The look she gets on her face when I come in to pick her up is priceless! She gets so excited... it makes me feel so good.

My 7 yr old didn't want to travel with my family again this time... until they were getting in the car to go. Then all the sudden she wanted to go.. kids. haha

Today we played LIFE.. she totally beat me! She was very proud :)

Fireworks are tomorrow.. not realy sure if we are going to go somewhere and watch them yet. Not too into crowded places and not being able to move much.

I will try and write more each week so that you have something new to read every so often :)

Thanks for following me!