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I am a single mother of two wonderful girls! Life is such a roller coaster so I figured I would blog about things that happen day to day. I hope you will come on the journey with me!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tid bits

The other day my 6 month old was watching the other kids go swimming. While we are out there I sit her in her walker so she can see what the other kids are doing and play with her toys. She decided to give herself kisses through the mirror on the walker. It was the cutest thing!

This morning she got a shower and I always wrap her up in the towel so she doesn't get cold. She looks like a giant towel with a little head.. :)

A little while ago Jazzy decided to venture into the port-a-crib. What a cute little baby!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well my 7 year old is on vacation. I miss her terribly, even though it is quiet and relaxing. I don't know what to do with myself when she is gone. Luckily I have my 6 month old to keep me occupied :) I am positive that she is having a blast in the nicer weather.

The dogs are driving me nuts with all their barking at nothing but that is no different then usual. I think tomorrow I will give my dog a bath. He is not a fan.. he becomes the BIGGEST baby ever. Puts his head down and stands there helpless.. lol. But he needs one so he is just going to have to suck it up!

What movie should I watch tonight????? Something I have already seen or something new... decisions decisions ha ha.

Without everyone here I have no subjects to write about. :(

My 6 month old didn't do anything new or exciting today so that doesn't help my blogging :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Fish

So my 7 year old had a friend over yesterday. The first official day of summer and already having friends over :) They went swimming, had a snack, played dress up, pretended they were fashion designers, and went swimming again. When her friend left her and my little sister went swimming. I don't understand why they love to swim so much. I mean of course it is fun but man they swim an awful lot! Ha ha. They are both already so much darker then they were. Not fair.. they have such good skin. My 6 month old sits out there and watches them. She has only been in once so far. But she is waiting and waiting to go back in. I am just waiting for the water to get a little warmer before I bring her back in. I am sure she will be a pool lover as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life misc..

So my sister is left handed and she wants everyone else to be also. She was very excited when my 7 year old ended up being left handed and now is coaxing my 6 month old to be. She jokes about tying her right hand behind her back when I am not looking. She uses both hands right now so we will just have to wait and see.

My dad has a ride on lawn mower. My 7 year old loves riding on it with him. It does not seem all that exciting when you watch it but perhaps it is when you are actually on it. :)

I am sure you have all heard "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. It is a good song but I have heard it sooo many times it is not even funny. Not only do they play it a lot on the radio but my 7 year old and my little sister love it! My daughter sings it quite often and usually very loudly! Although it is cute and I love to hear her sing.. I little variety would be nice from time to time.

My daughter joined the sign language group that my sisters are in and absolutely loves it! She catches on so quickly. Well my sister likes to stand in the backyard with her Ipod on and sign to the songs. My daugher has now picked that up and it is so cute to watch. She doesn't know many signs yet but she still tries even though she is making up her own. I love how she is willing to try new things and is smart enough to do different things so well. I am very proud to be her mother :)

My 6 month old loves this sun that is hanging on the wall in the kitchen. Everytime she looks at it she smiles.. I am not sure what it is about it but it makes her smile.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cat Tail

Today my mom was holding my 6 month old, she was sitting on the table in front of her. The cat was also laying on the table like he always does with his tail waving in front of her. Well her being only 6 months she is curious about everything. She also wants to grab everything and/or put everything in her mouth. She decided to try and grab his tail as it waved back in forth in front of her. She kept missing because at this age their hand eye coordination is not that great.. haha. My mom moved her back a little because she grabbed it once and he is a rather cranky cat and tends to bite when bothered. Well my daughter didn't like that and actually threw a little fit. She threw herself backwards and whined. My mom moved her back and she was fine. She began to try and grab his tail again. This time she got a good hold and actually pulled it and made his whole body move. Luckily it didn't really phase him and he didn't try to bite her. It is so interesting how the littlest things entertain kids. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well nothing exciting has happened yet today. The baby woke up at 7:30 (so much for sleeping in). My 7 year old will be home tomorrow morning, I can't wait! I miss her. But then at noon she is going to a play date at her new friends house down the street for a few hours. Busy girl for only being seven.. ha ha. I am going to go to Target in a bit for a few things. Went to Target and got some alphabet blocks for my 6 month old, a bag for the kids in her class to sign for my 7 year old, a charger for my phone, some storage bins and some capris. I know.. real exciting. :) Met up with someone I have known for years and had some laughs. Picked up my 7 year old from her dads. My family and I just met my older brother, sister-in-law, and nephew at Pinnacle Peak Patio to eat dinner. While we were there my 6 month old made me look like a fool. I would take a drink of my soda and she would try to grab it. She did it a few times so I decided to show my family. Well when I was trying to show everyone what she was doing she completely stopped. Instead she stared at my mom, then my nephew, then my dad making donald duck noises. It was funny! My 7 year old and youngest sister were dancing at the restaurant to the country music. I have never been there before, it was very neat!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well my 7 year old went to her dads this morning for the weekend. I miss her already :( She is so entertaining when she is here but it is also so much quieter when she is gone. I went and got my eyes checked this morning. Luckily my eyes have not gotten any worse so I don't have to buy new glasses and can still use the contacts I have left. Yeah me!

It is interesting what can be missed when sleeping in. My sister slept in until around 11:30 today and this is what she missed. My daughter getting picked up by her dad, me getting my eyes checked, my mom taking the cat to the vet, the lawn guys doing the yard and my dad going to the store. This all happened before 11am today. Busy day already.

My sister just stood in front of the refridgerator totally confused. She was looking at the calendar on the fridge asking what day it was. I told her the 23rd but she then asked is it the 25th. After a few minutes she realized that the calandar was on January. LOL.

My 6 month old is now yelling because no one is paying attention to her. She likes when everyone is around her. She is a people watcher just like her mom and older sister. :)

We saw Night at the Museum, Battle at the Smithsonian yesterday. It was good for a sequel. During the previews my 6 month old squealed when the Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel preview came on. I have a feeling I will be seeing that when it comes out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Loudness Everywhere!

Today my 6 month old has decided to be very loud like her sister. She is sitting in her bumbo yelling.. mind you her voice is rather high pitch right now. Her older sister however, is loud everyday! For some reason she comes home from school with TONS of energy and doesn't know what to do to get it out. So she decides to be very loud, especially when we are trying to watch tv in the evening. Yesterday when I was watching some television my 6 month old kept talking and talking (more like squeaking, squealing, yelling). She was being so loud that it was hurting my ears.. ha ha Last night at dinner was probably the loudest it has ever been. My 6 month old was in her jumper talking very loudly while my 7 year old was talking and making noises. This all while we are trying to have conversations at the table. I don't know why my children are so loud, I don't remember ever being so noisy. I am sure you have all seen the previews for the new Museum movie. The part where the statue goes "boom boom fire power". I have heard that sooooo many times the past few days. Right now my 7 year old is reading this in a very strange voice as I write it. It sounds like a haunting voice.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Way To Balance

So yesterday my sister decided she was going to sit around with a pillow on her head. I am not really sure why but she did it. She started at 4:35 pm. She was sitting on the couch and then decided to go on the computer. She walked from the couch to the computer with the pillow on her head. She then sat at the computer surfing the internet with the pillow still on her head. Around 4:55 my mom took the pilow off. Who knows how long she would have actually sat there with it on her head if my mom had not taken it off. I am guessing for quite a while.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Odd Dog

So I have this dog. First off he thinks he is a little dog when really he is about 100 lbs. He is the biggest baby I have ever seen! But he is a great dog even though he is not always the brightest crayon in the box. He loves to chase flies.. and yes has caught a few. But it is hilarious when one is on the window or wall and he tries to get it. Instead of catching it he ends up hitting his nose against the wall or window. It also quite entertaining watching him run around the backyard chasing flies because you can't actually see them. So he looks like he is crazy running around chomping in the air. He also loves to bark at the horses next door. They come over to the fence and he feels the need to bark at them. Who knows what he believes will come of his barking but none the less he still barks. As for chasing his tail goes, he has tried to do this in the oddest positions you can imagine. He will lay on his back and swing his head and tail back and forth trying to catch it. He also uses the walls, chairs, or any person standing near to push against to try and catch it. Everytime he lays upside down he ends up sneezing so I have to warn people before he slimes them.. ha ha. I have only heard him howl once and it was when the fire alarm in the house went off. It was the funniest thing! Aside from his odd ways he really is the greatest dog. He is very sweet and great with my kids. He lets them lay on him, climb on him, etc without even flinching. He loves to cuddle and hates when we leave him. He is always waiting for us to come back and is so excited when he sees us. Amazing how devoted a dog can be!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Escape of the Fat Cat

So our cat Journey who is quite large has figured out how to use the doggy door. After being a house cat for so long one day he decided to take a trip out the door. No one noticed until I was sitting at the table doing my homework and he pops his head in. I told my mom about this so we decided to spray him with a squirt bottle whenever he goes near the door. Well this worked for a little bit but someone is not guarding the door 24/7 so of course he gets out again. He decides to go under the patio furniture until my mom goes and chases him back inside. Since he continues to venture outside we have decided that he needs a "time out" each time he goes outside. So now when he goes out he gets put in the cat carrier for a bit. It is obviously not leaving a lasting impression on him because today he got out again and my mom tried squirting him with the squirt bottle but it did not faze him. So she went around behind him with the hose.. boy he got moving then! Now we are not doing this to be mean or because we don't want him to be an outside cat. We are doing this for his own protection. He could not survive outside.. he can barely run!